Talented Artists who twincle and glitter like stars in the sky.

Le Pleiadi Co. Ltd.

Talented Artists who twincle and glitter like stars in the sky. The Pleiades called ‘Subaru’ in Japanese, is spelled in Italian ‘Le Pleiadi’ and has the meaning of artists twincling and glittering like stars.



Le Pleiadi was set up in order to offer high quality musical performances and educating business, planning, managing concerts and events in various parts of Japan in cooperation with talented musicians and performers.

Kuniko Kikkawa, representative director, lived in Milano, Italy for 30 years with her late husband, Narumi Kawashimo, a sculpter. Based on her abundant experiences in her studing and performing and also her sure ears acquired through her frequenting top quality performances over the years, she is to select performers and make plans for their activities.

Above all, she has seen young musicians coming into bloom as professional performing artists in Europe and are active in the music scenes. She wants therefore, to enable the talented young Japanese people to perfom as professional musicians. This is why she decided to offer support to them, even though her power be limited.

In the field of Art, on the other hand, she wants to make more chances to exhibit the works of her late husband, Narumi Kawashimo, which are so full of poesy and marvelous charms, through her publicity efforts. Also, she hopes to cultivate young would-be artists by using her aesthetic capabilities, which she together with her husband accumulated in the years of frequenting European arts.

Kuniko Kikkawa
Le Pleiadi Co., Ltd.
August, 2013

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