Narumi Kawashimo, the sculptorHere recommended the late Mr. Narumi Kawashimo and his artistic works.


Narumi Kawashimo sculptor

Narumi Kawashimo sculptor (1936-2001)

  • 1936Born in Tokyo
  • 1965Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
    Art Department,Sculpture Section
  • 1967Completed Graduate Course of the same
  • 1969Went to Italy on the scholarship of Italian Government
  • 1974Graduated from National Brera Art College in Milano at the top of the class

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“Looking at Narumi Kawashimo's World” - Work and Interview -
Kuniko Kikkawa talks about the world-view of the work of her husband, the late Narumi Kawashimo.

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History of Exhibitions

  • Group Exhibition
  • <In Japan> 1957-1969
  • Juve Exhibition (Sakae Gallery, Tokyo)
  • Exhibitions of Sculptors Group “Kan” (Yamato Gallery and Hibiya Park Open-air Exhibition, Tokyo)
  • The 3rd Selected Modern Art Exhibition (Koufu, Kanazawa and Kita-Kyushu) sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • Took part in New Creative Artists Exhibition (1965-1969)
  • Awarded Newest Creative Artist Prize at the above exhibition (1968)
  • <In Italy and Europe> 1971-1984
  • Teatro Gallery Exhibition (Camogli)
  • Picture and Sculptures Exhibition (Monza, Lecco)
  • 1st Dante Alighieri Sculpture Biennale (Revenna)
  • Pictures/Sculptures Exhibition (Lugano,Switzerland)
  • Sculpture Group Exhibition (Padova)
  • 1st International Bronze Small Piece Exhibition (Castellanza)
  • Malesco Gallery Exhibition (Novara)
  • One-man Exhibition
  • 1983 Vinciana Gallery (Milano)
  • 1984 Modern Sculpture Center (Tokyo and Osaka)
  • After Passing Away
  • 2005Nanumi Kawashimo’s Posthumous Works Exhibition (Shinwa Art Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo)
  • 2007Was recommended to the member of Japan Contemporary Sculptors Association
  • 2007-Contemporary Sculptors Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and The Hakone Open Air Museum)
  • 2012- Permanent Exhibition: Narumi Kawashimo Sculpture Salon (Nakano, Tokyo)
  • 2015Narumi Kawashimo’s Works Exhibition (Art Gallery 884, Tokyo)

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"Narumi Kawashimo’s Metaphorical Sculpture"
Sumio Kuwabara (Art critic)
Kawashimo’s metaphor is supported by his life philosophy. He shows us the marvel of life by freely using his unique mysticism, thus invites us, involved in everyday life, to another world and recommend us to look over the present life from the another world. What skewers the present life and another world is Kawashimo’s life philosopy, which is not other than his unique poetic cosmos. A fantasist trying to step forward from the narrow, generally accepted idea of sculpture. June l984 (Extract)

The catalogue book of Narumi Kawashimo (hard copy, recorded 52 works by Narumi Kawashimo) is now on sale.

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