Shining Talented Artists like stars in the sky.



Le Pleiadi was established as a company that provides high-quality musical performances and educational business by planning and managing concerts and events in various parts of Japan in cooperation with talented musicians and performers.

I lived in Milano, Italy for 30 years with Narumi Kawashimo, my late husband, who was a sculptor. I select performers and make plans for their activities based on my abundant experiences of learning and performing there, and also listening to top-quality performances.

More than anything, I have seen young musicians are active as professional performing artists in Europe. Therefore, I decided to start this company with the desire to support talented young Japanese people to be professional musicians.

In the field of fine arts, on the other hand, I want to make more chances to exhibit the works of Narumi Kawashimo which are so full of poesy and marvelous charms. We will publicize them. Also, I hope to discover and nurture new artists by taking advantage of my aesthetic capabilities which I refined by experiencing European arts.

Kuniko Kikkawa
Le Pleiadi Co., Ltd.
August, 2013

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