Company Information

Name of Company:
Le Pleiadi Co.Ltd.
2-34-7, Wakamiya,Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165-0033 JAPAN
Kuniko Kikkawa
Date of Foundation:
August 23, 2013
5,000,000 Yen
Business Details:
--Planning, Production and Management of Educating course,
Training course and Lecture Meeting for music and art. 
--Planning, Production and Management of concerts and recitals
--Management and Promotion for musicians
--Planning, Production, Management and Sales of CDs, DVDs and Blue-ray Disks,etc.
--Planning, Production Management and Sales of books and publication for art and music
--Inviting foreign musicians, artists and cultural people
--Planning, Production and Management of Sculptures and Drawings
--Exhibition and Sales of Sculptures and Drawings

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